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Bangalore Escorts Service

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Although the word rate is obnoxious in the escort industry, many escort agencies and independent escorts in Bangalore use it to mean the prices of their services. The matter of fact is that love, romance and erotic pleasure are not commodities to sell in the market. This is why direct payout is not ethical. It becomes an offence when somebody sells it for the price. Here both the buyers and sellers are liable to undergo legal action and lawsuits.

However, when you use the word “donation” instead of “rate”, it becomes moderate and comes under acceptable range. This is why as a leading escort agency in Bangalore we will use the word “donation” in the place of “rate”. You should give the donation to the escorts in Bangalore (after enjoying with them) for spending time with you and offering you companionship services. However, as per the industry ethics, you should never give the payment directly in the hand of the girls. Rather you should wrap the donation amount in a handkerchief or put in an envelope to leave on a table while leaving the room after having erotic pleasure.

Donation for offering escorts service in Bangalore

Our selected escorts in Bangalore expect donations from our clients for spending quality time with them and giving them complete satisfaction and ultimate pleasure. However, your donation becomes cost-effective when you have both mental and physical satisfaction.

We have different donation packages for our escort service in Bangalore

Short time 1-2hours INR 15000
Long time 12 hours INR 35000
Overnight5-7 Hours INR 25000
Whole day24 Hours INR 60000

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